Thursday, November 22, 2007


Hiya All

My name is Mercedes, I am a 24 year old UK who lives in Essex, best place in the UK for MUD lol.

I am a crazy blond who loves to get herself as Messy as possible . My first LOVE is MUD...I Love it.

There are loadsa places in Essex where i can go and get smothered, the deeper and runnier the mud the betta as i love to roll around,wade and submerge myself in it.

I also use all types of foodstuffs and gunge ,.....yes it all gets tipped over me lol.

I also have a love for wearing pvc and thighboots and very often combine these with my messy sessions.

Yes! I know lotsa people just do not understand this and consider me mad, but i love it....... It is a very big Fetish as well with loadsa websites devoted to of course my own website at

Its sensuos and erotic and i often orgasm whilst getting messy so dont knock it if you havnt tried it.

Here's a few pics of me, Clean an of course messy lol


Cede xx